Plastic Dumps with Pin

Plastic Dumps with Pin are cashout ready at any ATM or POS machines embedded tracks and IC chip data integration. We are the first to provide this service in this space with discreet worldwide shipping. All shipments are provided with tracking numbers once the orders have been processed and shipped at our end. We also do provide with minimum balance guarantee for each Plastic Dumps with Pin.

How to purchase Plastic Dumps with Pin?[

Plastic Dumps with Pin can be purchased from the store directly. You need to provide us with the complete delivery address for the shipment during checkout for shipping the Plastics Dumps with Pin. Once the order has the been processed at our end you will receive an e-mail with tracking code for your shipment.

  • Minimum Purchase is $400 – 2 Plastic Dumps with Pin.
  • Minimum Balance Guarantee is $4,000 – Each Plastic with $2,000 Minimum Balance.
  • Balance can be more than $2,000 but we don’t provide any guarantee for the replacement or refunds.
  • Embossing on Plastic Dumps is not often guaranteed.
  • Plastic Dumps with Pin do come with IC chip data integrated/written.
  • Worldwide shipping will take maximum of 2 to 3 days.

Refund and Replacements on Plastic Dumps with Pin

Plastic Dumps with Pin are provided with minimum balance of $2,000 guarantee on each card by which the balance can also be more than $2,000. How can you claim for refund or replacement?

  • Once you have opened request for refund we will check with your shipment tracking for the shipment delivery time.
  • If you have contacted us within an hour of shipment delivery we will you will eligible for lower balance claim than $2,000 provided with ATM receipt proof.
  • We also honour the Auth codes mentioned for refunds on main page.
  • In case of refund it bitcoins will be sent back to your address of original payment, replacement will be provided on the next order of plastic dumps with pin only.