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Dumps with Pin

There are up to three tracks on magnetic cards known as tracks 1, 2, and 3. Track 3 is virtually unused by the major worldwide networks, and often isn’t even physically present on the card by virtue of a narrower magnetic stripe. Point-of-sale card readers almost always read track 1, or track 2, and sometimes both, in case one track is unreadable. The minimum cardholder account information needed to complete a transaction is present on both tracks. Track 1 is written with code known as DEC SIXBIT plus odd parity.

Understanding Dumps with Pin service codes

First Digit

1: International Interchange OK

2: International interchange, use chip

5: National interchange only

6: National interchange only , use chip

7: No interchange

9: Test

Second Digit

0: Normal

2: Contact issuer via online means.

4: Contact issuer via online means under agreement

Third Digit

0: No restrictions, PIN required

1: No restrictions

2: Goods and services only

3: ATM only, PIN required

4: Cash only

5: Goods and services only, PIN required

6: No restrictions, use PIN where feasible

7: Goods and services only, use PIN where feasible

Refunds and Replacements for Tracks with Pin & Plastic Dumps with Pin

Tracks with Pin are not checked before purchasing as mentioned the database is completely untouched. We provide refunds or replacements on the following authentication codes only.

Auth CodeAuth MessageDefinition
04Hold-call or Pick Up CardPick Up Card
07Hold-call or Pick Up CardPick Up Card – Special Condition
41Hold-call or Pick Up CardPick Up Card – Lost
43Hold-call or Pick Up CardPick Up Card – Stolen

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